VMA Connect

Speech Pathologists-Be a part of our global voice and laryngology loving network!  We are so excited to invite you to become a member of VMA Connect, a platform for clinical sharing, education, support, updates and tips on all things voice and laryngology-related.

  • VMA Connect membership is open to Speech Pathologists worldwide. (Sorry no students at this time).
  • There are two memberships categories: VMAConnect Basic ($70AUS/year) and VMA+ ($220.00AUS/year)
  • VMA Connect Basic (Tier 1) Membership includes:
    • A welcome package for you including our favourite outcome measures that VMA Speech Pathologists commonly use, therapy resources and copies of some of our patient handouts.
    • Our VMA Good Vibrations newsletter connecting you with the latest tips and advice including an article review, treatment approach update and opportunity to ask questions to our very own Dear Aunt Ethel Murmur
    • Regular updates regarding CPD opportunities and reviews.
    • Access to 3 or more clinically-focussed ‘inhouse’ webinars for free throughout the year on popular clinical topics. (Previous webinars include Paediatric voice with Alessandra Giannini, Spasmodic dysphonia and tremor with Sarah Schneider USA, Vocal Cord Dysfunction, The Misbehaving Larynx, Voice therapy: tips ands tricks and many others with Dr Debbie Phyland).
    • 2 x 15 minute 1:1 conversations or with one of our experienced voice therapists over a calendar year for those extra tricky cases or questions.
    • Discounted registration to the Voice Medicine Australia workshops
    • Regular virtual casual lounge-room chats with members
  • VMA Connect+ (Tier 2) Membership includes:
    • Everything included in Tier 1 membership
    • Quarterly 1:1 mentoring sessions (2 hours total)
    • Heavily discounted VMA external workshops
    • Regular case conferences with the VMA team-with your cases
    • Inclusion in our preferred providers register
  • Please contact Natasha Curham, Director of Communications and Development, on voicemedconnect@gmail.com to ask for more information or to simply join.

Are we still working during this COVID time?

Yes, we are still providing our usual speech pathology service fully online unless there is an imperative to see someone face-to-face and we deem we cannot provide an adequate service via virtual means. We have found this platform works extremely well and we can help you set it up if the technology seems daunting, Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss this option on info@melbvoice.com.au or via phone on 0394160633.

Is your voice telling on you? Register for one of our online seminars and prevent vocal fatigue.

We have had a surge of clients with vocal fatigue from online consultations, virtual teaching and distance socialisation. Is that you too? There are many quick and effective ways that help you prevent this fatigue from becoming cumulative and from reducing vocal stamina. We offer one hour low cost vocal health webinars and can also provide specific workshops for your workplace if you prefer a program specially designed for your professional development or occupational health needs. Book an appointment now for a voice program especially tailored for your needs  or register for one of our voice webinars so you can voice the distance!

Interview with Deb on ‘That Show with Mahy’

In this interview by Stephen Mahy, Debbie Phyland offers her candid thoughts and experiences working with performers over the years and highlights the importance of vocal injury prevention. Improving and maintaining vocal fitness are key to a healthy voice and Deb encourages all to use any performance ‘downtime’ to do a regular vocal workout, reconnect to the joy of singing and sing the blues away!

Telehealth and voice

At Voice Medicine Australia we have been offering online consultations for many years and found them to work extremely well and keep us all globally connected.

During this time of COVID-19 we are using virtual or online sessions for almost all voice therapy or other related speech pathology sessions, so it’s business as usual.

We will offer some limited face-to-face sessions if crucial but believe online is an ideal option for your and our safety and convenience. You can choose Skype, Zoom, Facetime or other platforms and we will talk you through set-up so we optimise the experience.

Contact info@melbvoice.com.au to arrange your online appointment and we can still keep your voice and wellbeing a top priority.