Voice Assessment and Therapy

Experienced speech pathologists working with singers, teachers, performers and other professionals who rely on their voice and for all those who want to voice with ease, endurance and authenticity.

What we do

Voice Medicine Australia offers expert assessment and therapy with experienced speech pathologists working with voice, cough, swallowing and breathing concerns for people of all ages.

We see singers, teachers, performers and various other professionals who rely on their voice as well as those who don’t but can experience voice or throat problems. We have particular expertise in peri-operative voice therapy to optimise outcomes.   Voice coaching is also offered to improve endurance, flexibility and vocal fitness to meet your occupational, personal or recreational voice demands. We also have extensive experience and skills in gender affirming voice care and are committed to helping all achieve their authentic voice.

We also work with various laryngeal and neurological disorders that impact people’s speech, voice and swallowing such as Parkinson’s Disease, vocal paralysis, tremor, spasmodic dysphonia and other medical conditions.