Are you still working during this COVID time?

Yes, we are still providing our usual speech pathology service fully online unless there is an imperative to see someone face-to-face and we deem we cannot provide an adequate service via virtual means. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss this option.

Is your voice telling on you? Register for one of our online seminars and prevent vocal fatigue.

We have had a surge of clients with vocal fatigue from online consultations, virtual teaching and distance socialisation. Is that you too? There are many quick and effective ways that help you prevent this fatigue from becoming cumulative and from reducing vocal stamina. We offer one hour low cost vocal health webinars and can also provide specific Read more…

Voice exercises for home-MTC

Just as performers have unique physical requirements to ensure their bodies stay healthy and show-ready, they also need to take extra special care of their voices. To help, Melbourne Theatre Company (MTC)  has an on-call professional speech pathologist, Dr Debbie Phyland and her tips can help you too. Read the full article here ..  

Interview with Deb on ‘That Show with Mahy’

In this interview by Stephen Mahy, Debbie Phyland offers her candid thoughts and experiences working with performers over the years and highlights the importance of vocal injury prevention. Improving and maintaining vocal fitness are key to a healthy voice and Deb encourages all to use any performance ‘downtime’ to do a regular vocal workout, reconnect Read more…

Telehealth and voice

At Voice Medicine Australia we have been offering online consultations for many years and found them to work extremely well and keep us all globally connected. During this time of COVID-19 we are using virtual or online sessions for almost all voice therapy or other related speech pathology sessions, so it’s business as usual. We Read more…

VMA Connect

Speech Pathologists-Be a part of our voice and laryngology loving network!  We are so excited to invite you to become a member of VMA Connect, a platform for clinical sharing, education, support, updates and tips on all things voice and laryngology-related.

New Grad Program

We are thrilled to launch our VMA New Graduate (NG) / Internship program!

What is a voice problem?

A voice problem is an unexpected change in the sound or feeling of your voice which doesn’t suit your vocal needs. Symptoms include: Huskiness, hoarseness, lowered pitch, decreased pitch range, difficulty projecting voice, voice breaks, throat discomfort (tickling throat clearing, pain), voice fatigue or decreased stamina. When to seek help: When symptoms persist in the Read more…