AdvDip (PopMusic Perf), BA, BHSc, MSpPath, CPSP

Germaine has been passionate about singing and performing since her childhood. Her love of the performing arts led Germaine to study an Advanced Diploma of Popular Music Performance and a Bachelor of Arts (Music Industry) at RMIT University in 2006.  With a strong interest in optimum singing technique Germaine began her singing teaching career in 2009 and opened her own singing school Sing Space in 2011. Having faced vocal health difficulties in the early years of her singing career, Germaine pursued her passion for vocal health and function by completing a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Speech Pathology at La Trobe University.

In 2019, we invited Germaine to join us in recognition of her unique blend of singing pedagogue and professional performance experience in the contemporary music genre (she’s a gorgeous singer!) and speech pathology skills. Germaine loves combining clinical voice therapy techniques with her singing teaching experience and expertise during her work at Voice Medicine Australia. She enjoys working to optimise speaking and singing voice function and to minimise throat and maladaptive breathing postures. Germaine has a particular interest in helping rehabilitate singers’ voices back to full health, function and expressiveness!

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