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We are thrilled to launch our VMA New Graduate (NG) /Internship program! This 6 to 12 month-position offers comprehensive and fully supported exposure to the full and varied caseloads of VMA and completes our team. Although already fully qualified to assess and treat communication and swallowing disorders, the NG will be expertly and incrementally guided by one of our experienced speech pathologists to ensure VMA continues to deliver a high standard of evidence-based care and optimal outcomes for our patients. We all love to share our passion for assessment and management of voice and related disorders and this opportunity to mentor and review our practices with fresh eyes extends our skills too.

Also, for those patients who are facing fiscal restraints or are unable to be seen by one of our other busy speech pathologists in a timely manner, we are confident this is an excellent alternative.

We are delighted to introduce Kate Cohn who will make it instantly apparent why she has been chosen as our inaugural recipient!

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